Everwatch Saga

Game 1 - Backwater Dell

The game started in the small town of Dell’s End which is deep within Backwater Dell. One of the town Elders, Jon Carver, approached the party with a request to check on Randall Miner. Randall has a homestead out in the Backwater Dell’s countryside and hasn’t been seen for a month or more. This little quest coincides with the arrival of Lady Anasta, an agent of the Everwatch, arriving in Dell’s End.

The party boldly departs the town and finds their way to Randall’s homestead. Randall, however, is not there. The mystery increases when the halfling, Sawyer, unlocks the chest they found within Randall’s home. The chest is empty, and after a quick inspection by Hiyal, they determine it once held something imbued with magic. Another piece of the puzzle is the scrap of scroll which read “The weapons should be safe, I’ve completed building the hidden-“

Searching the yard, Cheri discovers a hidden trap door that leads down into a natural cavern beneath Randall Miner’s homestead. The party begins to explore the cavern when Sawyer is suddenly engulfed by a gelatinous cube! After a valiant fight the cube is slain when Sawyer uses dirty rogue tricks to set Indara up for the final blow.

Now, the rest of the dark cavern beckons…



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